Keyline Farm

In the winter of 2010, I took a loose conceptual studio assignment as an opportunity to investigate Keyline Agriculture, as developed by P.A. Yeomans of Australia.  I designed a demonstration farm and learning center in the Coburg Hills outside of Eugene.  The exercise allowed me to attempt to apply the principles of Keyline to a real contour signature, and to think about how to best present these ideas to area farmers.

Part of the design was an elevated platform on the keypoint – the place in a primary valley where the water naturally collects – to allow people to experience the spot as well as to identify it from a distance.



There is an educational center overlooking the entire farm, to house displays, informational materials, and events.


To show the theoretical water flow across the landscape, I built a model out of clay complete with working rainwater storage dams.  Keyline proposes maximizing the amount of water stored on a property, with dams able to be operated by a single farmer, flood irrigating the pasture land below.


To learn more about Keyline Agriculture – see the book Water for Every Farm: the Yeomans Keyline Plan by P.A. Yeomans,

or peruse this webpage:


One Response to “Keyline Farm”

  1. Grifen April 20, 2011 at 10:00 am #

    Hola from Chile. Nice work!

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